The Lure of Vocational Training

There used to be a tale, subtly told, proclaiming, “vocational schools are the reserves for those who can’t thrive in mainstream education.” The prevalent advice was to aim for illustrious universities. While this remains a respectable pursuit for individuals who have a proclivity for scholarly challenges, it certainly doesn’t fit all molds. Journey with me, Darius, and explore the wonders of trade-based education.

Trade schools, also known as vocational schools, serve as portals for aspiring minds keen to embark on careers that avoid the standard four-year college route. They specialize in precision and are solely committed to perfecting your selected craft. […]

Hair care

Washing your hair is a traumatic process. Wet strands are more prone to breakage and damage, so you should wash, dry your hair properly and take care of them.

How to choose a shampoo

Choose shampoo according to the type of scalp, not hair. We wash our hair precisely in order to clean it (and not the hair itself) from sebum. Therefore, apply shampoo to the hair roots and the head itself, paying less attention to the tips. They will get their share of cleansing when you wash the detergent off the roots.

If you have dry skin on your face, then it […]

Hand and foot care

Wash your hands with mild soap (you can use baby soap) or even a facial cleanser. Ordinary soap often dries and dehydrates the skin. Antibacterial soap acts even worse on the hands: it kills bacteria, but at the same time it dries the skin and destroys its protective barrier.

Moisturize your hands in the morning, 30 minutes before going outside and in the evening before going to bed.

In the morning you can use a lighter cream, in the evening — a thicker and richer one. Do not forget about sun protection and use a cream with SPF.

With its help, you can […]

What does my self-care consist of: 10 main rules and principles


My basic set of self-care products always includes sunscreens. Yes, I can look into the solarium, but these are isolated cases — 5-7 times a year, and I never forget about protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation. I am careful about tanning and never cross the line after which it turns into harm.
I adhere to the principle that you need to take care of the skin, and not cover it up. There is always mascara, lipstick and lip gloss in my makeup bag, but I don’t like when there is a lot of powder and tone on the skin. And […]

Body care

Body care does not require much effort: the skin needs to be cleaned, moisturized, and scrubbed once a week. The best time for skin care is before, during and after water treatments.

Take a contrast shower. It tones and cleanses the skin, preserving its firmness and elasticity. However, do not overdo it with the water temperature: hot water should not be boiling water, cold — ice. You should take a shower for a short time, so as not to disrupt the lipid layer of the skin.

Take a shower under warm or slightly hot water (it should not steam). Hot water destroys […]

Facial care

No cosmetic procedures in beauty salons will replace daily facial care.


Morning facial care consists of three standard procedures: cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection.


First, wash your face with gel, milk, micellar water or other facial cleanser (there is a large choice — choose something that is pleasant and comfortable to use). Do not wash your face with too hot water, so as not to dry your skin. Do not try to clean the skin until it “squeaks” — so you will wash off the protective layer, making it dehydrated and irritated. Use a mild cleanser. It should not tighten the skin […]

Boys to the right, girls to the left?

Karolina Lacerus studied at the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum from the 8th grade, where there were noticeably more boys. Since then, there have always been STEM groups in her life

Which means men. Her element is the development of spacecraft.

“Think about it, neither boys nor girls are born with the ability to take triple integrals or program the onboard equipment of satellites,” says Karolina, already a graduate student at the Skoltech Space Center.

“I believe that many girls who are talented in STEM specialties may not even guess about their abilities – they are not so easy to notice in themselves. In […]

5 simple exercises for men and women to tighten their arms

The temperature rises inexorably, and you and I undress just as quickly, changing knitted sweaters for light linen or cotton T-shirts. It’s time to include exercises for the hands in the training process so that they get a beautiful relief

Lena Notchenko, coach of Reboot sports studio: “Firstly, before each workout, take 10 minutes to warm up your back so as not to damage it during traction. Secondly, do not forget about the ability of muscles to adapt to loads, so change exercises at least once every 2-3 weeks. Thirdly, for the best effect, you need to allocate a separate training […]

Let the whole world wait: 6 rules of healthy selfishness

The airplane metaphor about putting a mask on yourself first, and only then starting to help others — works not only in the sky, but everywhere without exception. If you notice that masks are worn by everyone except you, this is an occasion to remind yourself of healthy selfishness and self—love

Being an altruist is good, helping colleagues, friends, family, boyfriend (underline) is also good. But in this scenario, while everything will be fine with others by your efforts, you risk finding yourself pushed into the background and losing touch with the inner Self. To maintain balance in the universe, we […]

Science in fashion: make way for girls

In the days of our grandparents, the question was raised here and there about whether a woman’s place in science. Today, women in science are developing on a par with men even in such seemingly complex disciplines as the so-called STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S — science, T — technology, E — engineering, M — mathematics). This year, 40 percent of the master’s enrollment in the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology are girls. We tell you about what it’s like for girls in the world of formulas and laboratories and why science is fashionable in this […]