Boys to the right, girls to the left?

Karolina Lacerus studied at the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum from the 8th grade, where there were noticeably more boys. Since then, there have always been STEM groups in her life

Which means men. Her element is the development of spacecraft.

“Think about it, neither boys nor girls are born with the ability to take triple integrals or program the onboard equipment of satellites,” says Karolina, already a graduate student at the Skoltech Space Center.

“I believe that many girls who are talented in STEM specialties may not even guess about their abilities – they are not so easy to notice in themselves. In order to discover the beauty of the world of science and technology, it is necessary to have a base in mathematics, physics, computer science — it is hard for everyone without exception. Often, girls at this stage simply do not have enough faith in themselves. But those who manage, as a rule, not only become excellent specialists. STEM education develops constructive thinking and logic, which greatly helps to cope with difficult situations, make informed decisions and generally improves the quality of life.”

Contrary to the popular stereotype of gender inequality in their careers, our heroines have never felt that their abilities are underestimated because they are girls. Even, as they admit, they, on the contrary, have repeatedly heard from male colleagues that the success of girls in scientific and technical fields inspires and motivates them.