Hair care

Washing your hair is a traumatic process. Wet strands are more prone to breakage and damage, so you should wash, dry your hair properly and take care of them.

How to choose a shampoo

Choose shampoo according to the type of scalp, not hair. We wash our hair precisely in order to clean it (and not the hair itself) from sebum. Therefore, apply shampoo to the hair roots and the head itself, paying less attention to the tips. They will get their share of cleansing when you wash the detergent off the roots.

If you have dry skin on your face, then it is most likely dry on your head, too. Choose gentle shampooing products, even if you have oily skin. To avoid irritation, it is better to use a mild shampoo and wash your hair more often than twice a week to use an aggressive hair product.

How often to wash your hair

The frequency of hair washing also depends on the type of skin: there are no strict recommendations on how often you need to wash your hair. Wash them as they get dirty. If you use styling products every day, then washing your hair every day is quite justified. Do not try to “retrain” your hair by washing it once a week in the hope that it will become less greasy. They won’t: subcutaneous fat is the result of hormones, not the frequency of shampooing. However, do not wash your hair too often, because in response to irritation, the skin may begin to release more fat and begin to peel off.

Useful tips

Before you start washing your hair, comb your hair. Start with the tips, then move on to the roots. This will make it easier to comb your hair after washing and will damage their structure less.

Apply conditioner or mask to the ends of the hair without touching the roots. Do not use a lot of the product to make it easier to wash it off. Rinse your head with moderately hot or warm water: too hot water steams the scalp and dilates the pores, which is why the bulbs fall out more readily.

If you wash your hair at night, do not go to bed with wet hair. Firstly, you can easily catch a cold. Secondly, when wet, the hair is more susceptible to breakage and loss.

Conditioners, masks and other products do not restore hair. They cannot be restored because it is dead tissue (the living part of the hair is under the epidermis). Hair products only create the appearance of smoothness and silkiness. Nevertheless, it is still worth using conditioners and masks, because they protect the hair from mechanical damage (combing, blow-drying, using curling irons and other hair devices).

Use a good hair dryer with ionization. Don’t be afraid to blow dry your hair. This is an indispensable assistant in hair care, which saves time and allows you to dry your hair much faster than if we dried them in a natural way. But in order not to damage them, use a hair dryer with the function of air ionization.