Body care

Body care does not require much effort: the skin needs to be cleaned, moisturized, and scrubbed once a week. The best time for skin care is before, during and after water treatments.

Take a contrast shower. It tones and cleanses the skin, preserving its firmness and elasticity. However, do not overdo it with the water temperature: hot water should not be boiling water, cold — ice. You should take a shower for a short time, so as not to disrupt the lipid layer of the skin.

Take a shower under warm or slightly hot water (it should not steam). Hot water destroys the lipid layer of the skin, which makes it dehydrated and irritated.

If you take a bath, also monitor the temperature of the water and stay in it for no more than 20 minutes. In order not to dry out the skin, add special oils to the water, and then moisturize the skin well.

Use mild cleansers (for dry or sensitive skin). They gently cleanse the skin without damaging it.

After showering, use moisturizers and lotions. You can apply them directly to wet skin to enhance the effect.

Use a scrub once a week: it removes old cells and renews the skin. In addition, exfoliation helps moisturizers better absorb into the skin and increases the duration of their action.

The use of a body scrub can be replaced with a dry brush massage: thanks to this procedure, the skin becomes smooth and taut. At first, such a massage seems painful, but then the unpleasant sensations disappear.

Don’t forget about physical activity. Walk down the street or to the gym — the main thing is that you lead a mobile lifestyle. For example, WHO recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week (even walking is considered a moderate step).