What does my self-care consist of: 10 main rules and principles


  1. My basic set of self-care products always includes sunscreens. Yes, I can look into the solarium, but these are isolated cases — 5-7 times a year, and I never forget about protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation. I am careful about tanning and never cross the line after which it turns into harm.
  2. I adhere to the principle that you need to take care of the skin, and not cover it up. There is always mascara, lipstick and lip gloss in my makeup bag, but I don’t like when there is a lot of powder and tone on the skin. And on days when I don’t have filming, I use makeup to a minimum and I believe that makeup should not overshadow a woman and hide her real face.
  3. I am convinced that incorrectly adjusted eyebrows can ruin any face. I tried to do tattooing, I had an incredible master who fantastically felt the shape and competently recreated it. But I also really like high-quality coloring, but it is important here that the master does not make mistakes and does not overdo it with the dye.
  4. I definitely supplement salon procedures with home care and faithfully follow all the instructions of specialists. I clean my skin in the morning and, most importantly, in the evening, I apply serums and creams according to special schemes, not a single day goes by that I don’t make a mask — moisturizing, cleansing, collagen.

I also have my own d’Arsonval device, with which I take care of my facial skin and hair.

  1. My main criterion in choosing a body cream is that it absorbs quickly. I admit that after a long busy day of work, it can be lazy for me to apply the cream from head to toe, but I do not give myself any indulgences.
  2. At least once a week, and preferably twice, I do hand masks. If the skin of the hands is irritated and flakes off, the cream alone is not enough for me and I supplement the care with a special anti-inflammatory healing balm.
  3. I spent a long time choosing a pillow, the right and comfortable one, which would help to find a position for the head that does not load the neck muscles. I am sure that this will help prevent the formation of deep circular wrinkles that appear on the neck over the years.
  4. I do injection procedures mainly by the course. I do biorevitalization three times a year and spend it on my face, neck, decollete area and hands. Twice a year I do mesotherapy for the area around the eyes and scalp, as well as a course of chemical peels and placentotherapy.
  5. My main rule of hair care: if I do styling using a large amount of styling, then the next day I let my hair rest, that is, rest globally: I don’t blow dry them, I don’t use an iron, I just leave them alone and let them dry naturally.
  6. I regularly do face and hand massages. Sometimes I perform hand massage on my own: I apply a drop of cosmetic oil and move from the fingertips to the wrists.