Feel the beauty of science

An important role in the increased interest of girls in STEM disciplines is played by the development of the IT industry and the increase in the number of modern laboratories in principle. Technologies are getting closer to the average user. Phone, laptop, instant communication — all this is already an integral part of our life and will only develop more: this is necessary in any field of activity, and this is the future.

These explanations of interest in STEM majors are obvious.

At the same time, it is interesting to hear that for many girls it is important to feel the beauty and harmony around them, including at work.

“At Skoltech, engineering specialties are not associated with dusty design bureaus and the noise of industrial machines, because computer modeling takes up most of the engineering, and in some of our scientific laboratories you can at least arrange photo shoots,” Karolina argues.

As she calls it, “an informal reason”: “Staying at Skoltech is a pleasure for the eyes. And sometimes inspiration in studies and science depends very much on the environment.”

“It is, of course, not the building that decides, but even more so the attitude towards students on the part of professors, organizers of educational activities, business coaches. And when this attitude is respectful, when it ensures your maximum comfort and effective activity, then doing science becomes even more cool, which, of course, attracts more and more people,” Anastasia explains.

Aesthetics, respect and scientific freedom, the opportunity to enter the international scientific world — this is what modern girls can get today with STEM disciplines. Skoltech, of course, is a unique phenomenon in this sense: training in English, recognized academic professors, academic internships at the world’s best institutes and industrial business contacts, but I want to believe that many of these practices are developing and will continue to develop in other centers of the Russian educational horizon.