Hand and foot care

Wash your hands with mild soap (you can use baby soap) or even a facial cleanser. Ordinary soap often dries and dehydrates the skin. Antibacterial soap acts even worse on the hands: it kills bacteria, but at the same time it dries the skin and destroys its protective barrier.

Moisturize your hands in the morning, 30 minutes before going outside and in the evening before going to bed.

In the morning you can use a lighter cream, in the evening — a thicker and richer one. Do not forget about sun protection and use a cream with SPF.

With its help, you can quickly put your hands and feet in order: half an hour is enough for everything about everything. During this time, you will shorten the nails, make a hand bath, soften and push the cuticle and polish the nails. After these procedures, the hands and feet will look well-groomed and beautiful. If you decide to cover your nails with varnish, there is a drying lamp in the set, which will speed up the process and help preserve the manicure.

After the manicure, do not forget to moisturize your hands and use cuticle oil.

A pleasant and useful gadget for foot care is a hot tub.